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Bong Joon-ho, South Korea, 2019
with Song Kang-ho, Choi Woo-shik c8.6

The proletarian family Kim lives in a shabby basement apartment in the lower town and is all the more interested in the lifestyle of the Park family, who live in a chic villa high up on the Million Hill. Thanks to a lucky coincidence, the Kim's son manages to get a job as an English teacher at the Parks. Through trickery and intrigue, the Kims gradually oust all Park employees. But the hostile takeover is met with resistance from an unexpected side.


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Jacques Perrin, 2016 c7.3

When the last ice age ended about 15,000 years ago, the seasons also returned to Europe. Vast forests covered the entire continent - populated by countless species of animals and plants. The flora and fauna have to adapt to the constantly changing conditions, native species such as wild horses, wolves and bears are displaced by man, but nature always finds ways to develop in the new habitat.

Guillaume Gallienne, 2013 c6.7

The film recounts Guillaume's tragicomic battle from the young age of eight, as he adopts the role of a girl, then of a homosexual until, aged 30, he meets the woman who, after his mother, will become the other woman in his life. Beyond this story of a heterosexual coming-out, the film tells the tale of an actor who never stopped loving women, maybe even a little too much.

For better or worse

Buddy-Movies: Six films about wonderful, strange, and wonderfully strange friendships

Hell or High Water
David Mackenzie, 2016
A pair of brothers robs banks to save the family farm and gets into conflict with a fierce Texas Ranger.
The Sisters Brothers
Jacques Audiard, 2018
A likeable pair of killer brothers in a western of a somewhat different kind.
The Climb
Michael Angelo Covino, 2020
A true bromance survives good times as well as really bad ones.
Green Book
Peter Farrelly, 2018
An African-American pianist and his white chauffeur on an unusual road trip through the race-divided conservative southern states.
The Nice Guys
Shane Black, 2016
A private detective and a professional bone crusher reluctantly team up in this hilarious 70s action comedy.
Frances Ha
Noah Baumbach, 2013
Our representative of the unfortunately rare female buddy movies: Two urban neurotics whose paths separate in the process of self-discovery, but cross again and again.
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